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 Subject :2013 Neghborhood Clean Up Event.. 21-03-2013 09:28:19 
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Forum : General Announcements
Topic : 2013 Neghborhood Clean Up Event

Details at:
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 Subject :Volunteer with Friends of Laurelhurst Park.. 11-03-2012 03:22:18 
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Forum : General Announcements
Topic : Volunteer with Friends of Laurelhurst Park

Friends of Laurelhurst Park
FLP, now beginning its 10th year, is a group of neighbors and interested individuals who pitch in to work with Portland Parks & Recreation staff to keep Laurelhurst Park functioning well and looking vibrant. We welcome new faces for a single work party or on a continuing basis!
What do "Friends" do? Our projects range from pruning, planting native species, mulching, and invasive plant removal, to planning on special projects like paths and dog off-leash issues. Do you have something you would like to accomplish in the park? Bring your ideas and energy...and meet new friends at the same time.

2014 WORK PARTIES (9am-12noon)
3600 SE Ankeny St., Portland, 97214
Meet at the blue-green Parks building on Ankeny St. on the north side of the park (bring work gloves and, if it is your first meeting, sign the Parks forms available there).
APRIL - Wed., April 9
MAY - Wed., May 14
JUNE - Wed., June 11
JULY - Wed., July 9
AUG. - Wed., Aug 13
SEPT. - Wed., Sept 10
OCT. - Fri, Oct 10 (Participate in Parke Diem, a city-wide park volunteer day. More info will be posted later & sign-up will be at
To join our email list for updates and park news, contact Marilyn Harlin at 503.233.2555 ( or Alice Knouff at 503.235.8702 ( Occasional info on LNA website:
See you in the park!
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 Subject :Save Our Laurelhurst Elms Update.. 27-04-2011 08:41:22 
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Forum : General Announcements
Topic : Save Our Laurelhurst Elms Update

SOLE is having a planning meeting Wednesday, April 27th at 7:00 at 412 NE Hazelfern Place. We will gear up for this year's inoculation and hope to inoculate 50 trees. This is our 4th year of operation. Donations are gladly accepted; The cost to protect 1 Elm for 3 years from Dutch Elm Disease costs approximately $150 per tree.

The Laurelhurst Neighborhood is home to about 220 Elms which were planted about 100 years ago; Elms can live up to 500 years. Since SOLE began in 2008, 104 trees have been inoculated against Dutch Elm Disease, a fungus that is spread by beetle, through the root system and through the air.

The Heathman Hotel is once again offering an overnight package to SOLE. Anyone donating more than $25 will automatically be entered in the drawing and have a chance to win for every increment of $25.

Donations may be made to "Save Our Laurelhurst Elms" and sent to 412 NE Hazelfern Place in Portland. If interested in volunteering or finding out more information, please email Jill Punches at or Doug Lovelace at Thank you for your support!
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 Subject :Providence Medical Center Annual Community Meeting.. 12-01-2011 03:57:23 
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Forum : General Announcements
Topic : Providence Medical Center Annual Community Meeting

LNA Members,

The meeting date has been changed to Wednesday, February 9th at 7:00 p.m.. It will be in the Cancer Center Conference Room C. The topic is the current land use application submitted to the City for 30 units of guest housing on the Moore Lithograph property and the upcoming application to expand the the medical center campus.

LNA Board Member Gary Naylor
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 Subject :A beautiful home on Ankeny is available..... 10-11-2010 05:00:13 
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Location: Portland, OR
Forum : General Announcements
Topic : A beautiful home on Ankeny is available...

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to tell everyone about a great home that is available on Ankeny. It's only a half block from the park and the price was just reduced. If anyone is interested, take a look at or give me a call!

All my best,
Tommy Jedrzejczyk, Oregon Broker
Keller Williams Portland Central

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All my best,
 Subject :Charcoal, anyone?.. 16-06-2010 07:20:22 
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Forum : General Announcements
Topic : Charcoal, anyone?

Hi Neighbors,

Is anyone in need of charcoal/lighter fluid? I have 2-1/2 bags of mesquite charcoal and 1-1/2 bottles of lighter fluid to give away, as we no longer own a charcoal grill. Please contact me if you are interested.

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 Subject :Annual Clean-up.. 16-05-2010 07:14:29 
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Forum : General Announcements
Topic : Annual Clean-up


This year, as always, it seems, we (Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association - LNA) are holding our annual clean-up at:

All Saints Parish (3847 NE Glisan) on Saturday, 22 May 2010, between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm.


This year, as every year, we are able to provide the clean-up based on funding from:

• the Office of Sustainable Development through Southeast Uplift
Metro which allows us to take unwanted material to the tipping station for free (more on that below)
All Saints Parish who allows us the use of their parking lot


Neighborhood Volunteers – who give a little of their time for a lot of good.
(Thank you one and all!)


We would like to be able to take anything you have, but since there are so many ways for you to divert material from the waste stream, we would like to concentrate on those items that are harder to get rid of.

So let’s start with the ITEMS WE WON’T ACCEPT:

Anything You Can Recycle Curbside, e.g., paper, cardboard, glass bottles, etc. (See the information card you received from your recycler or check out Metro’s website.)
Electronics – State law has given you a great way to rid yourself of these items year round.
Hazardous Waste, e.g., motor oil, paint, and cleaning solvents. We’re not equipped to properly dispose of these items.
Packing Peanuts – The UPS store on Sandy will accept them as long as they are clean.
Any Garbage or Refuse – We’re not equipped to dispose of it

So what are the ITEMS WE WILL ACCEPT:

Building Materials
Wood, e.g. old fencing
Styrofoam, as long as it’s intact and not broken up
Batteries, both auto and alkaline type

If you don’t see a category, contact the clean-up coordinator. (See below.)


With the exception of the yard debris, there is no charge for using the clean-up. We hope though you would provide a donation since we use the funds to support LNA activities year round.

As I mentioned, we are funded in part by Metro, but this year, with the economy the way it is, Metro is no longer providing free hauling of yard debris. We are fortunate that our hauler, Heiberg, has found an alternate location at a minimal cost. With that said, here are the requested donations:

• Car (No Yard Debris) - $5.00
• Car (Yard Debris) - $7.00
• Truck or Car w/Trailer (No Yard Debris) – $10.00
• Truck or Car w/Trailer (Yard Debris) – $12.00

So you can see, that if you have yard debris, there is an additional $2.00 charge.


We always need volunteers!

It’s a great way to:

• Meet your neighbors
• Make new friends
• Get a little exercise
• Promote the public good!

Those are great benefits, but if you need incentives (shades of OPB), we’ll provide coffee and doughnuts, lunch from Got Pho and fruit and water during the day. For those adults who might appreciate a glass of adult type libation, there will be a hosted get together that evening at Migration Brewery.


John Russ
536 NE Floral Place
Portland, OR 97232-2560
(H) (503) 231-5363
(C) 503-523-7237

We Hope to See You There!
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 Subject :CONTRACTOR SCAM--NEIGHBORS BEWARE!.. 07-05-2010 08:23:22 
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Forum : General Announcements

Dear Neighbors:

Back in January, I paid some money to KARL R. JENSEN of Tualatin to do some electrical work at my house. Jensen never showed up to do the work, and he never returned any of my dozens of phone calls after that. Turns out that his CCB license is no longer valid either. So, if you need any electrical work done, I suggest you call someone else, as Jensen is not a licensed electrician. And please pass this on to your friends and neighbors, especially any who may be contemplating electrical work in their homes.

And, in case you are wondering why I didn't check his license, it is because he had done various electrical jobs at my house since 2003, CCB license valid, never a problem. Go figure.

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 Subject :Neighborhood Watch.. 03-04-2010 13:28:32 
Joined: 08-03-2010 09:09:44
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Forum : Crime Watch
Topic : Neighborhood Watch

There have been a series of home and vehicle thefts taking place throughout L.N.A. recently. Please be on alert for any suspicious activity or circumstances such as unknown person(s) loitering, peering into windows,ringing door bells at odd hours,and so forth. If something does not look or feel right do not hesitate calling the police and describe what is happening. Give police as much information as you can to include a license number/description of folk involved/direction of travel/address of house/ etc.

Please keep a vigil on not only your property but that of your neighbor friends too. If your block does not have an active neighborhood watch and you would like to get one (re)started, please contact me.

Periodically I will be writing informational and reminder notes using this media. If there are some topics you would like covered or if you have questions that needs an answer, please let me know and I'll do my best to find the answer or the correct resource for you to contact.

As we've heard before, keep your vehicles "show-room clean" (nothing in them to attract a possible theft); keep doors locked at all times; keep personal items locked in house or garage; keep garage door closed and locked when not in use. These are reminders to us only~~~safe rather than sorry.

Fern Wilgus
Public Safety Chair.
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 Subject :Friends of Laurelhurst Park.. 02-04-2010 05:36:28 
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Forum : General Announcements
Topic : Friends of Laurelhurst Park

Friends of Laurelhurst Park: Year 6

Alice Knouff,
Marilyn Harlin,

Spring is awakening in Laurelhurst Park with bulbs peeping through the ground, and season 6 of Laurelhurst Park’s volunteer group begins! Last year we accomplished a huge amount of park face-lifting with the help of Hands On Greater Portland volunteers and we will continue working together with these spirited participants.

This year, we will tackle the remaining invasive English Ivy. New plantings to fill these areas are, for the most part native species, but also hardy ornamentals. This spring, notice the early blooming native iris on the far western path and along the woods path, now in their second year. Other projects ahead will range from mulching, planting, litter removal and raking to, you name it....we welcome new ideas. More tree identification plates have been one idea tossed around. We encourage you all to come help out, once or on an ongoing basis, and meet new neighbors and friends in the process.

2010 Work Parties (9-12am)
Meet at the blue-green Parks building on Ankeny St. (bring work gloves).

Wednesday, April 14
Saturday, April 24 in honor of EARTH DAY
Wednesday, May 12
Wednesday, June 9
Wednesday, July 14
Wednesday, Aug 11
Wednesday, Sept 8
Saturday, Oct 2
Wednesday, Oct 13
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 Subject :Found: Black cat with white chest and shoes.. 20-03-2010 03:53:27 
Joined: 12-03-2010 11:20:18
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Forum : Lost & Found
Topic : Found: Black cat with white chest and shoes

Found: Black cat with white chest and shoes.
Found about March 15, 2010, near NE. 33rd & Davis St. Very hungry.
Call: 503-234-3930.
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 Subject :The New website is here!.. 25-02-2010 12:27:12 
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Forum : Website
Topic : The New website is here!

The new website is finally online and live. Thanks to all who helped. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to post them here!
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