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About LNA

The Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association (LNA) is recognized by the city of Portland Oregon as the official organization of the Laurelhurst neighborhood, a close-in residential area of 427 acres containing in its 1765 households a total of 4549 people (Census 2000). 92% of us live in our own homes. For more information, visit

The LNA is a member of the SouthEast Uplift Coalition of Neighborhoods (SEUL) which represents our interests to the city through the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI).

The borders of Laurelhurst are as follows:


Beginning at the intersection of SE 44th Avenue and Stark Street, then north along 44th Avenue to the Banfield Freeway, then generally westerly following the freeway to NE 33rd Avenue, then southerly to NE 32nd Avenue and then continuing southerly to SE Stark Street, then east to SE 44th Avenue, the point of beginning.

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