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Century Home Plaques
Available for order now for houses built through 1921

Do you have a centenarian in your family?  You just might!

Many Laurelhurst homes have made it to their 100th year.  About 500 of our neighborhood's homes are now at least 100 years old.  Every year, more become "Century Homes".

Your home deserves a birthday present for reaching its 100th year!  The LNA is now offering Century Home Plaques.  These heavy cast and polished bronze plaques are 2 1/2 inches tall and 10 inches wide, and will show the year of your home's construction in the same font used on the Laurelhurst arches.  They can be permanently attached to your house (they fit in most narrow siding), or displayed on a shelf or mantel.  

The LNA is now taking orders for Century Home Plaques for houses built in the years 1910 through 1923

Plaque orders are sent to the foundry in batches. Your plaque will be ready for pickup in about 2 to 4 months, depending on how long it takes for us to get enough orders for the next batch.  We'll contact you my email when the plaques are ready.  Thank you for your patience; this helps us keep costs down.  

In a hurry for a gift?  When you order, you'll be able to download a printable plaque gift certificate, to give as a present while awaiting the finished plaque.  

Order at the Online Store, or send a check:


Check for $100 payable to "Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association"

Send to LNA Treasurer, 3721 SE Ankeny Street, Portland OR 97214 

Include note saying you're ordering a Century Plaque, and include your name, address, email, phone, and the year of your house. 

A sample plaque is shown below.  Your plaque will look like this, with the appropriate year in place of "1911".  Questions - see FAQ below.

Century Home Plaque FAQ

What is the plaque program?

In the year your home turns 100, it is eligible for a Century Plaque that is designed to be displayed where-ever the homeowner chooses.  Made of solid bronze, it is appropriate for display outside attached to the home.


What are the plaques for?

They celebrate the neighborhood and acknowledge the stewardship required to reach 100.

What does the plaque say?

“Laurelhurst Century Home” identifying our neighborhood and that your home has turned 100. It also will include a year “19xx” indicating the year your home was built.  When you order, you will specify the year to show on your plaque.

How do I find out what year my house was built?

Enter your address at to see the "year built" that city records have for your house.

What is the size of a plaque?

They are 2 1/2” by 10”, and 1/4" thick, of solid cast and polished bronze.

How is the plaque attached to the house?

It is made to be permanently epoxied (glued) to the house to minimize risk of theft.  Installation instructions will be provided at time of delivery.  See installation information below.

Do the plaques have anything to do with Historic District?

No, but we used the Historic District survey work to help determine how many houses were built in each year.

What does a plaque cost?

$100 symbolizing 100 years.


Where does the money go?

The cost is for manufacturing the plaque and running the LNA's plaque program going forward.


Who makes the plaques?

A local Portland foundry is the manufacturer.

So I order a plaque, what happens next?

A manufacturing order will be placed with the foundry when 20 or more plaques have been purchased - which may take some months.  Approximately two months later, plaques will be cast and will be delivered to you. If your email has been provided, you will be notified when order is placed with the foundry and later when it is ready for delivery.  Please be patient - these are custom plaques and we must have them cast in batches to keep them affordable.

What happens to the plaque if I sell my house?

It is yours do to as you please but leaving it for the next owner will help inspire the same stewardship to the next person who loves your home.

More Questions? 

Please contact Michael Booker, Century Plaque Coordinator. 

Instructions for DIY plaque installation
Video of professional plaque installation.

Century Plaques are starting to appear on Laurelhurst houses.  Send a photo of your installed plaque! 

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