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Historic District Survey, Nomination, Other Data

As part of Laurelhurst’s Historic District nomination, experts from Peter Meijer Architect (PMA) and neighborhood volunteers performed a “historic survey” of all houses in the neighborhood. Under the supervision of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), PMA prepared a survey report, a database of survey data, and a nomination.  These documents are available for viewing, see links below.

Nomination, Maps, Survey Data (Submitted to NPS 1/28/2019)

Here is the Nomination, approved by SHPO and submitted to the National Park Service (NPS).  It contains:

1. A detailed history of Laurelhurst and an evaluation of its eligibility for historic designation. 

2. Maps of contributing and non-contributing houses (starting at p 52), 

3. The database of survey data and classifications* for houses and other structures (starting at p. 75).

*codes used in the data:

EC = Eligible Contributing (structure retains sufficient original aspects to contribute to historical integrity of district)

NC = Non Contributing (structure has been substantially altered from original)

NP = Non Period (after the 1909-1948 period of historical significance)

ES = Eligible Significant (eligible for individual listing in National Register)

NRI = National Register Included (is already individually listed in National Register)

RI= Period Cottage

RU= Bungalow

HF=Ranch with Garage

HE=Ranch without Garage


**ES structures are not being nominated for individual listing.  

Intensive Level Survey Report (version 8/1/2018)

As part of the nomination, neighborhood volunteers researched the history of 15 representative Laurelhurst houses and prepared an Intensive Level Survey report.

Survey Report (4/27/2018)

The survey process report, which shows how the survey was planned and conducted, can be viewed here.  

You can learn more about how the survey was conducted, Survey Status Report (January).


Online Form For Owner Corrections

Edit 7/6/2018: The final draft nomination has been submitted.  Thanks to everyone who helped us make the report as accurate as possible.  Please note: an assessment of contributing can be later corrected to non-contributing, or vice-versa, even after a Historic District is created.  Please keep submitting additional or corrected data for future use.  Contact for more information.

After you have reviewed the data and map for your house, let us know about additional information or needed corrections by filling out our online form. Your response will be sent to PMA and will help ensure an accurate nomination!

If your house is shown as "eligible, contributing" or "EC", but you believe it has been significantly changed from the original on the exterior, please use the online form to alert PMA and describe the changes.  If the survey data fails to note a change, please be sure to describe that.

If your house is shown as “not eligible, non-contributing" or "NC" but you believe it has not been significantly changed from the original on the exterior, please use the online form to alert PMA and explain what aspects are original.  If the survey data says something is changed or later-added, but you know it was original, please be sure to describe that.   


Changes to the exterior front (street-facing) part of the house are the most important to the assessment of contributing vs non-contributing.  Remodeling of the interior is not considered and neither is maintenance like painting, siding repair, roof replacement. 

​ Proposed Historic District Boundaries


The proposed Laurelhurst Historic District is expected to include all of today's Laurelhurst neighborhood except the area bordering Sandy Blvd, the blocks north of Sandy Blvd, and the the east side of 32nd between Ankeny and Stark. Please see the article on pages 3-4 of the May newsletter for explanations.

The proposed district will also not include the two blocks west of 33rd between Hoyt and Oregon.  


If you have questions about this survey, PMA’s work, or the Historic District effort, please let us know in the online form or email

Historic District Nomination updates can be found on the LNA Facebook page and in the LNA newsletter. The LNA will also email notification to all neighbors who have signed up for the LNA’s email list; if you want to signup for LNA emails, click here.

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