LNA Elections & Meeting May 12-13

Drop-off and Online


LNA’s Board elections will be on May 12, 2020.  Voting will be by paper ballot drop-off and online.  We will also hold an online general meeting.  


PAPER BALLOT: Come to All Saints (outside the Glisan St entrance) from 7 pm to 8 pm (1 hour only) on Tuesday May 12, take a ballot, fill it out BYOP bring your own pen, and drop it in the ballot box.  You may also print a ballot, complete it at home, and drop it off.  No congregating or lining up please, just do a quick, socially distant ballot drop-off.  

ONLINE BALLOT: From 7 pm on Tuesday May 12 to 7 pm on Wednesday May 13 (24 hours), fill out an online ballot.  Online ballots timestamped outside that period will not be counted - so please don't vote before May 12 7 pm!

Ballots this year will require your name and address, to allow verification of LNA membership.  Every Laurelhurst resident, owner of a Laurelhurst residential property, and one representative of each Laurelhurst business, non-profit, school or church is a LNA member.  For safety reasons, paper ballots will be counted and election results available a few days after voting concludes.

Any LNA member may nominate herself or another LNA member as a candidate, at any time before voting begins.  Email in your nomination and it will be included in the candidate list below as quickly as feasible.  You can also announce your nomination during the online General Meeting.  Both the paper and online ballots will allow write-in candidates.

If you have a candidate statment, email it to laurelhurstnewsletter@gmail.com before Friday May 8, and it will be posted with the other candidate statements below by May 12.  Limit statements to 500 words; longer statements may be edited for length, inappropriate language will be deleted.

ONLINE GENERAL MEETING:  The May LNA General Meeting will be by Zoom webconference, starting at 7 pm on Tuesday May 12.  To join, log in here and use the meeting ID and password below.  You can also dial in by phone.


Meeting ID: 972 5133 3693  Password: 013846  Dial +1 669 900 9128 US


CANDIDATE LIST AND STATEMENTS:  The following have declared their candidacy for the indicated seat.  "i" indicates incumbent.  If the candidate has provided a statement, you can click on her or his name to read it.  You can also write-in any candidate who declared her candidacy at the General Meeting. 

For president - Jeff Martin (i)

For vice-president - Peter (Mike) Dubinsky

For treasurer - Fred Cooper

For secretary - Jim Edelson (i)

For SEUL rep - Quincy Brown

For NW Quad rep - Barry Kast (i)

For SW Quad rep - Kelly Hutchinson (i)

For NE Quad rep - John Deodato (i)

For SE Quad rep - Janet McManus (i)

For At Large rep - Tom Johnson (i)

If you have questions or comments, please contact us.  Thank you for your understanding as we all cope with these interesting times.

General questions? Contact us here.
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