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Candidate Statements


David Tunley
David Tunley

I am an active community member in the Laurelhurst neighborhood. I am asking for your support and vote for President of the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association (LNA).


As a cybersecurity professional, my husband James and I had the opportunity to live in any city; however, we chose to move to Portland and make Laurelhurst our permanent home. While we were excited to be new neighbors in this community, it became clear early on that our neighborhood was facing tough challenges—namely livability and safety issues. Determined to be a part of the solution, I immediately got involved with the LNA safety committee. In this capacity, I have worked with several of our neighbors to voice our concerns in City Hall and help find solutions.


I cofounded the beautification team and have organized several neighborhood cleanup events, including two at the Laurelhurst Park Annex, to improve park users' usability and ensure that children had a safe place to play in the park playground. Besides the park cleanup events, I have also organized neighborhood beautification events focused on picking up trash, removing graffiti from street signs, and building more robust neighborhood engagement. Recently, I helped led a strong community campaign focused on opposing the City's proposed code changes that would have allowed for sanctioned homeless camping in public parks and open spaces.


In addition to the work in our neighborhood, I have also established strong working relationships with many policymakers in City Hall, the Mayor's office, and Multnomah County. I have held several leadership roles in various non-profits and community organizations, including President of the Wells Fargo Pride Network, volunteer with Nike's First Response Team, and admissions committee for Georgetown University's Security Studies Program.


I am asking for your vote as President of the LNA because I want to maintain our neighborhood's unique character and improve its livability. The LNA can be a stronger voice in our community. As President of the LNA, my key priorities will be:

1. Continue building relationships with city and county policymakers to ensure our neighborhood's concerns are heard.

2. Increase neighborhood engagement with the LNA to help create a more inclusive and dynamic group.

3. Improve safety and security issues in the neighborhood.

4. Increase beautification campaigns throughout the neighborhood.

I look forward to working with my neighbors and the broader Portland community as President of the LNA.

John Liu
John Liu


I helped Historic Laurelhurst and LNA establish the Laurelhurst Historic District to protect our historic houses from demolition. For the last several years I have been the LNA Newsletter Editor. I’ve also been filling in as Newsletter Ad Manager, SW Quad Rep and SEUL Rep, run the website, and helped with the Historic House Tour, Century Plaque, LNET’s emergency BECCN, LN2N and other neighborhood projects. For the Laurelhurst Club project, I did LNA’s financial analysis and due diligence, my wife Mary and I did the paint prep and other renovation work, and we handled showing and booking the club. I created and run the website. Fun fact: I organized our neighborhood free bike repair station when the Naked Bike Ride started in Laurelhurst Park.


If elected President, I hope to:

1) Increase engagement of neighbors with the LNA and vice-versa.

2) Make the club a welcoming, affordable resource for our neighborhood and Portland’s community, non-profit, school, arts and culture groups.

3) Help find a real solution for homeless campers.

4) Help the post-pandemic restart of our neighborhood Cleanup, Picnic, House Tour, and other events.

5) Build ties between LNA and the school PTA, other neighborhoods, and senior citizen support groups like Eastside Village.

6) Welcome and support the affordable family housing community coming to the Mann House.

7) Make progress on the Arches' restoration.

8) Welcome great new neighborhood initiatives and get LNA to support them.


I serve on the boards of Restore Oregon and the Architectural Heritage Center, volunteer with Don’t Shoot Portland, and chair the Portland Coalition for Historic Resources. I am an investment manager; before that I was a lawyer and studied mathematics. I restore and ride vintage bicycles, flyfish, cook, and (pre-Covid) enjoyed hosting events.


I believe many things can be solved over a bottle of wine. I have lived in the SW quad since 2006.


Jennifer Moffatt

I have lived in Laurelhurst since 2010 when I merged households with Mark (our four teenagers, dog, cat, and bird) and moved to our home on Glisan Street in the SW Quad. We now are empty nesters and love living here; putting plenty of miles walking at Laurelhurst Park and the great places around the neighborhood. I am a communications professional, and currently, I am Senior Director of Communications at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare.


In 2014, the house next door was bought for demolition by a developer. It didn't feel right to many of us, and seeing what was happening in other neighborhoods in Portland, I started the "Save the Markham Home" campaign. I met many of you, going door-to-door asking you to sign petitions or contribute to the fund to help save the home. We did it! That led to the neighborhood's efforts to become a historic district. I am proud of that campaign and the relationships I formed with neighbors as we were all working for a common cause. I learned a lot during that time about community, local politics, and the complexities that face our city.


Soon after that time, I began organizing the annual garage sale -- which I have done for the past six years, or so. I enjoy meeting all the neighbors when they pick up or drop off their signs (and I like taking on big projects). In 2016, I built the neighborhood website. With each project I have taken on, I have tried to make things a little better and move the neighborhood forward. We are now at a pivotal time in history and have a lot of big issues facing us as a close-in, urban neighborhood. We have an opportunity to help shape solutions and lead by example.


I am running for Vice President to create greater transparency and two-way communications between the neighborhood and the Board. We are all the LNA, and I believe input from the neighbors should inform the Board's decisions. After years of attending Board meetings and asking questions, I want to help form answers. We can do great things together, and show the city what a great neighborhood we are. I hope you will support me with your vote for Vice President.



Kayleen Kusterer 

Laurelhurst has been our home for 29 years; my husband and I live in the SE Quadrant. I love this neighborhood, and how it has evolved over the years. I am 100% committed to helping preserve it as one of the best places to live in Portland and am requesting your support to do that. The past year has been challenging in many ways, but I firmly believe better days are ahead.


I have a significant background of community service. I currently serve on the LNA safety committee and have served as SE Quad rep in the past. As an active member of the safety committee, I organized a neighborhood gathering with then city council candidate, Mingus Mapps. The gathering gave neighbors an opportunity to share safety and livability concerns. With Mingus now a City Commissioner, we have the opportunity to keep dialogue open around these issues. Most recently, I was very active in educating neighbors about the Shelter to Housing Continuum Project and encouraging us all to express our voices on the impact of the proposed city code changes, through city council testimony. Due to overwhelming public comments, our parks and open spaces will not be used for temporary homeless camps and better solutions will be developed.


Volunteering has been, and will continue to be, a consistent part of my life. I serve as chair of a Portland based nonprofit which works with the Maasai community in Kenya, providing educational opportunities for children. For many years, I have done volunteer work at Mercy Corps in various capacities; strategic and org planning, people development, and project support. Past volunteer work includes: Boys and Girls Clubs of Portland, The Nike Foundation, The American Red Cross, Dress for Success, and S.M.A.R.T. (Start Making A Reader Today). I had a 30-year career at a Fortune 500 company, where creating business and team success was my North Star. As senior director of a large, complex, profitable, and ever- changing business I honed my skills in cross matrix collaboration and leadership to meet business goals. Currently, I am a business consultant, executive coach, and small business owner. I am results driven, believe in collaboration, transparency, open communication, and data informed decision making.


If elected to this board position, I have three key priorities: 1) Creating a safe and livable neighborhood 2) Enabling and fostering collaborative working relationships with city and county policy makers, to ensure our voices are heard. 3) Be an active and contributing member of a board that is dynamic, functional, resilient, and effective


Jim Edelson

I have been honored to be on the Neighborhood Association Board for over a decade and to have served as Secretary for the past 4 years. There have been many accomplishments and challenges over this time, but I want to continue to make the LNA as effective as possible in serving the needs of our neighbors. LNA has been granted new opportunities with the gracious donation of the Laurelhurst Club which I think will enhance livability in Laurelhurst. I have professional experience with public meetings that I have brought to the job of Secretary, and look this year to provide more accessibility to LNA's documents on the web. I am also an alternate LNA representative to the Providence Medical Center Good Neighbor Advisory Committee, and participate on their Transportation Working Group on behalf of LNA.


I also want to help increase LNA’s effort towards making the neighborhood association as open and welcoming as possible to all existing residents, and to those who have recently moved into the neighborhood.


Fred Cooper


I wish to express my interest in serving as Treasurer of the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association for another year. As the incumbent, it has been an extremely active roll despite the slowdown in LNA activities due to the Pandemic. The LNA Treasurer interacts and coordinates with all LNA committees and activities. The donation of the Laurelhurst Club to LNA has resulted in considerably more activity on the part of the treasurer - preparing budgets, processing payments for maintenance and repairs, and approving and signing contracts. During this last year, I have improved the monthly financial reports to the board and members.


I have helped put in place a line of credit for the Laurelhurst Club. I have filed reports with the State of Oregon and Federal Government to assure our active, non-profit status. I fully expect the responsibilities of the treasurer to be even greater over the next twelve months as we restart our annual Garage Sale, Spring Cleanup and Home Tour. While I feel confident that I can handle the treasurer’s responsibilities, I am planning on having a Finance Committee to provide oversight and advise.


There are other matters of importance to our members and that come before the LNA Board. I consider all of these issues important and am glad that I can contribute - homeless camps, our pro-active work on pedestrian safety, maintenance of the Arches and Glisan Circle; accessory dwelling units and other land use issues. We must continue to be proactive in working with the City in finding solutions that are best for Laurelhurst residents.


I have been a resident of Laurelhurst for thirty years and the Portland area since 1969. With regard to finance matters, I am a retired professional business owner, served on the finance committee for two international nonprofit organizations for many years, and volunteered for numerous committees with the City of Portland and Multnomah County.



Guy Fiorita 


Hello Laurelhurst friends! My name is Guy Fiorita and I’m excited to run for the Southeast Uplift Representative position. My wife Ann and I moved to Laurelhurst with our son in 2015 and are proud to call it our home. We love the beautiful tree lined streets, the character of the homes and our beautiful park. As natives of South Dakota where it seems there are more people than trees (and there aren’t many people), we truly treasure our lush green neighborhood and friendly neighbors.


In my professional life, I work as a producer of commercials, television, film and live events. As a producer, I’m often put in situations where expectations are not in line with budgets and/or timelines and I need to quickly find a middle ground. This has given me a great deal of experience with creative problem solving. I’m a firm believer that listening and understanding is the first step in making progress.


Our family has taken great joy in being part of the Laurelhurst community. I see this as an opportunity to become a more active member of the community and ensure it continues to improve. Thank you for your consideration!



Janet “Jan” McManus


My Qualifications and Experience: I am a social worker with more than forty years of experience in my field. I am semiretired with a consulting business focused on issues of aging, disabilities, and housing. My work has included many years of experience working with both non-profits and local government. I have skills in grant-writing, program and policy development, program management, supervision, and budgeting.


Most Important LNA issues and goals: I think the most important issues and goals for the LNA to focus on in the coming year are to work with local government to address the housing crisis in innovative and humane ways that will reduce the negative pressure on the neighborhood exerted by unmanaged encampments and serial, ineffective sweeps. We also need to continue our work on becoming a more diverse, inclusive and welcoming neighborhood. A particular interest of mine is to help update and consolidate some of our administrative operations as a non-profit -- data collection, social media, bylaws, mail handling, and record-keeping.


What do you like most about living in Laurelhurst? Great neighbors, beautiful trees and yards, historic and unique charms including the Park, Coe Circle, and the Laurelhurst Club, wonderful daily walks, my neighborly book club. What do you like least about living in Laurelhurst? I hate to see people living in squalor within Laurelhurst Park, in parked vehicles, or in clumps of tents in other places within our neighborhood, without adequate access to alternative shelters and safety net services including mental health, addiction treatment, hygiene, and sanitation.

Why Do you Want to Serve on the Board of the LNA? I have served on the Board for 2 years as the SE quadrant representative. Prior to serving on the LNA Board, I was a member for several years of the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Emergency team (NET). I have enjoyed working with the newsletter delivery volunteers and participating in the myriad issues, discussions and decisions with which our neighborhood association board wrestles. In my first two years, I chaired the Ad Hoc Committee on Racial Justice and Police Reform. The Committee drafted statements, circulated a special edition of the Newsletter, and hosted a facilitated discussion at a special member meeting in July 2020. Subsequently, we planned two anti-bias workshops, led by Dr. James Mason, that will take place at the Laurelhurst Club on May 23 and June 6. I also served on two other ad hoc committees.


The SEUL Representative role provides an important opportunity to communicate and collaborate with other neighborhoods on key issues that concern us all. I have been attending meetings of the SEUL Homeless Action Committee and, if elected, will continue to attend these meetings as well as the SEUL board meetings.



For Board Member At-Large


Gabriel Aron


I am running for a position on the LNA board as a board member at-large. I am a healthcare worker, a business owner, a husband, a father, and a member of our community. I see that we have much work to do in this community to clean it up, work on security, recreation, and provide opportunities for all of us to live healthy, happy lives. I’d like to work on that with you and the other members of our board. While this will be my first position on the board, it is not my first time working in the community to get things done. I was fortunate to work on the Historic District nomination committee and got to meet lots of our wonderful neighbors during that process. I hope you give me a chance to be a part of LNA board where I can help work on things that matter to this neighborhood.


TJ Browning


Currently, I am the LNA Safety Committee Chair. In that capacity, I have worked with a committee team of four enthusiastic and highly skilled individuals and countless dedicated neighbors. Our main objective has been to convince the city to address the issues threatening Laurehurst’s safety and livability. We have had some success. The homeless camp at the park was cleared twice. After each clearing the Annex was immediately cleaned of used syringes, garbage and biohazards by volunteers recruited by a committee member. Working with other organizations, we stopped the proposed city code changes that would have permitted camping in our parks and open spaces. There is much more work to be done. I am running for the Board to do the work necessary to promote a safe Laurelhurst.


Getting City Hall’s attention has taken the vast majority of our time. Countless emails, calls and reports have been sent to City Hall by the Safety Committee and neighbors. Replies to our pleas have been sparse. It is only through our tenacity and the sheer volume of our correspondence that there has been any progress. Since last Fall, the Safety Committee has had several meetings with city commissioners, their staff and police. Any success was fleeting. Garbage, graffiti and vandalism are everywhere.


There are protestors occupying the park. Protestors carrying guns and automatic weapons have been in Laurelhurst. There is little to no police enforcement. 911 calls do not result in response. Neighbors have spent fearful nights watching protestors march past their homes. Every quadrant in Laurelhurst has reported a serious threat to their homes or persons. The decline in safety is not the fault of the homeless. They too have been victims of violence. They live in unhealthy conditions. The responsibility for this chaos rests solely on a dysfunctional City Hall.


I believe a united Laurelhurst voice will help elevate our voices and lead to greater city influence. We need to build a bridge to our elected officials. By serving as both a Board member and as Safety Committee Chair, I will promote a stronger Laurelhurst voice in city policies and actions. Please vote for TJ Browning for At-Large Board member

For NE Quad Rep

John Deodato


Having been a Laurelhurst resident since 1995, I have seen a slow but progressive change in our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods that has had both a positive and negative impact on livability. Laurelhurst’s central location on the east side and historic character makes it a very desirable place to live. Over the past decade Laurelhurst has seen a steady increase in complete and partial demolitions of moderately sized original homes, with the replacing structures substantially increasing in size and cost. The impact has been most noticeable in the NE & NW quadrants where the smaller bungalow homes are the predominant style.Seeing this trend several years ago, I decided I needed to get involved in the effort to get the neighborhood listed as a Historic District. Through the involvement with many of my neighbors in the Historic Laurelhurst Group, we raised the money required and worked on the nomination with the assistance Peter Meijer Architect. We finally reached the goal of being listed in March of 2019, with the Laurelhurst Historic District being officially listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


This is a great legacy we're leaving for future generations in this neighborhood, and the entire city of Portland. And while this is an amazing accomplishment, and only possible due to many dedicated neighborhood volunteers, there is still much work to be done to preserve the character of this neighborhood. Much of that work will need to be done in the coming years. Working with the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association, I hope to contribute to this effort.


With the more recent acquisition of the Laurelhurst Club by the LNA, there is a unique opportunity for the preservation of this historic property, and the chance to return it to the function for which is was originally constructed back in 1914. Taking ownership of this property is a big commitment for the LNA. To our knowledge, we are the only Portland neighborhood association that has taken on such a project. There is much to do to return Laurelhurst’s historic club building to active use as a self-supporting resource for neighborhood, community, nonprofit, and arts and culture uses. I hope to help with this process along with many of my neighbors, and return this facility to its use as a gathering place for the Laurelhurst neighborhood.

For NW Quad Rep

Mario Nicholas


Why do you want to serve on the board of the LNA? I feel very fortunate to live in Laurelhurst and I’d like to do my part to help the neighborhood continue to grow and develop as a wonderful place to relax and live in Portland.


What qualifications and/or experience would you bring to the board that would benefit the LNA (i.e., experience in management, finances, committees, civic organizations, newsletter writing, website content creation, event planning, legal, etc.)? From a personal perspective, I would bring to the board my experience raising young children (one currently and one on the way) in the neighborhood, my experience navigating the streets of Laurelhurst and Portland as a cyclist, and my experience as a new(ish) Portland resident adapting to an ever-changing neighborhood and city.


My wife and I choose to move to Portland in 2014 and couldn’t be happier with the decision. We moved from Buckman to Laurelhurst in 2019 and feel very lucky to have ended up in such a wonderful part of the city. From a professional perspective, I would bring to the board my experience as a construction and design attorney and member of the real estate practice group at the law firm Stoel Rives LLP. I have been practicing law since 2010 (first in San Francisco before moving to Portland) and have experience working on a range of real estate, construction and general business issues. I pride myself on being accountable, easy to work with and steady, and I would bring the same level of commitment I take to work to the LNA.


What do you see as the most important association issues and goals that the LNA should address over the next year? Over the next year, I believe the LNA should focus on developing an efficient, equitable and sustainable management approach with the Laurelhurst Club, continue to assist with the campers along Laurelhurst Park and (hopefully!) reinstate the typical events and traditions of the LNA that have in large part been put on pause since March 2020.


What do you like most about living in Laurelhurst? The proximity of Laurelhurst Park, one of the more beautiful city parks in Portland and beyond, walks among the historic homes in the neighborhood, and the fact you see groups of children constantly playing in the neighborhood.


What do you like least about living in Laurelhurst? I’m not sure I’ve lived here long enough to have strong feelings about a thing I like the least, but I’d have to say the current conditions around the playground in Laurelhurst Park is a real challenge that comes to mind.

Tanya Baikow-Smith


Hello, Laurelhurst neighbors. My name is Tanya Baikow-Smith and I have lived in Laurelhurst since 1982. I bought my current home on NE Multnomah Street in 1986. I have delivered the LNA newsletters to neighbors in the NW Quadrant for a number of years. I actually can’t remember how long, but now that the NW Quad Rep position is open, I would love to be the new NW Quad Rep. I worked on the historic district effort and was co-chair for the first Laurelhurst Historic Homes Tour. I am retired from United Airlines where I flew internationally for many years. My husband and I love to travel and are looking forward to getting back to it when things normalize. We are pet parents to one Red Lab and two Siamese cats. My husband is a terrific cook and we love socializing with our friends and eating good food and wine. We look forward to resuming those activities too! I hope you will consider me as a candidate for this position.



Craig LeMay

Like all of you, I am constantly bombarded by important issues that our neighborhood and larger communities face. The continuing houslessness crisis, demands for racial justice, the increase in gun violence, and the need for police reform are just a few concerns that sit heavy on my heart. But, I have learned that issues will not be solved by me alone. It will take creating powerful and strong relationships with each other, through listening and strategically acting, to address them. To create strong relationships in Laurelhurst, that can address our concerns is why I want to serve as the SE Quadrant Representative.


Talking to friendly people walking our streets, neighbors checking in on each other, the garage sale and street/neighborhood picnics, are reasons my family has stayed here for over 10 years. I also love the park, the trees, and how close we are the many sights and sounds of our city. However, the worry about property and houses often overrides the concern for people and a feeling of detached privilege can dominate. This isolates our neighborhood, and makes it harder for the LNA to be taken seriously on city issues. I believe we must do better. This year, the LNA should take an active role in strengthening relationships amongst neighbors in Laurelhurst and our relationships citywide. The LNA should do this by actively listening to the needs of residents and working to organize them to address issues that are important to them.


Before I became a stay-at-home parent four years ago, I worked with churches and nonprofits in helping them listen to the needs of their members and organizing them to take action. I am trained in the skills of community organizing, but I am not committed to any one method or organization. I am a licensed primary teacher in Oregon and I believe in using evidence based practices and seeking solutions without blame. As a parent, I have dealt with strong emotions and have had to listen to my kid’s boring, weird, or nonsensical stories while still maintaining a relationship. I see all of these skills as valuable assets that I can bring to the board.


As more people get vaccinated and we begin the long process of emerging out of the pandemic, we need to start coming together again and rebuilding our community. Now is the time to listen and solve issues together.


Regina Winkler


My husband Jeff and I have been privileged to live in Laurelhurst for the last 25 years and have raised our 2 children Will and Genevieve in the Laurelhurst SE Quad neighborhood and schools. Living in a community like Laurelhurst with its beautiful old homes and trees across from the historic Laurelhurst Park was a lifelong dream which was fulfilled when we found ourselves parked across from our dream home on Pine St the first day it came on the market. Needless to say we snatched it up and are committed to supporting the vision of single family homes in curving tree-lined parcels which follow the natural contours of the land that was the design of the Olmstead Brothers for Laurelhurst.


As a result, I relished the opportunity to support many of the projects sponsored by LNA as well as the city. I enjoyed working on the tree inventory for the city which gave me insight into the diversity of our tree population especially in Laurelhurst Park. Additionally, I knocked on many doors in the neighborhood to get signatures advocating for the historic designation of Laurelhurst and also to inform eligible residents of their eligibility for the Century Home Plaque. Extensively researched many of our elegant old homes designated for the Laurelhurst home tour in addition to interviewing the owners of those homes. Furthermore, distributed information to residents to inform them of the city's efforts to use open spaces for shelters. Registered neighbors for Friends of Tree Planting in Laurelhurst. Served on the Safety Committee for LNA.


This is a volatile time in Portland and LNA must be pro-active in engaging with the city council on issues effecting our neighborhood such as the suggestion to open our parks up to camps as well as providing input and solutions to the increased violence and crime in Portland. Partnering with other neighborhood associations on common concerns is essential to having our voices heard. Homeless camps are growing especially now on Oak St. The opioid epidemic as well as COVID-19 restrictions are contributing to this growth. Supporting programs such as 'We Shine' to relocate homeless to safe and clean facilities is essential. I would be honored to serve on the council to tackle these and other critical problems facing our neighborhood.

For SW Quad Rep

Kay Altman


My name is Kay Altman. I have lived in Laurelhurst for 20 years and currently serve on the Safety Committee. I am running for SW Quad Rep on the LNA Board. I am seeking membership on the LNA Board fueled by a growing frustration with our city’s lack of response to our neighborhood’s safety and livability concerns. I have spent hours in Safety Committee meetings with our elected officials or their representatives. I have written countless emails to those in City Hall resulting in infrequent responses. Our committee and Laurelhurst neighbors are working hard to find workable solutions to our concerns. Our city should do the same. I am a business owner and run an engineering firm. If my business worked like our city, I would be out of business. If any of my employees were unresponsive to our clients, they would be fired. Laurelhurst has valid, documented safety and livability concerns. These issues cannot continue to be ignored. We must get organized and louder. As your SW Quad Rep, I will work hard to capture the city’s attention and make our voices heard. Please vote Kay Altman for SW Quad Rep. Candidates for



Mike Parrott


My name is Mike Parrott, and I am very interested in becoming involved in our community. Please consider me for the position of SW Quad Representative. My wife and I became residents of Laurelhurst over twenty years ago. Over the years, I have been lightly involved in other neighborhood initiatives, and now that retirement is on the horizon, I want to become more involved.


My professional background is focused on business management and marketing. My industry of expertise is professional services – law, accounting, and finance. I believe this background will be beneficial in my effort to support our neighborhood and community. Our neighborhood and community need help now more than ever. I hope to be part of a coalition that can bring resources to the table to solve the problems we face today. I hope you will seriously consider me for the position of SW Quad Representative.


Molly Littlejohn 


As a native Oregonian I have lived in Laurelhurst for 22 years. First on Ash Street and then on Flanders. We love this neighborhood for its architecture, parks and closeness to great restaurants. We have raised two lovely girls in the ‘hood and now that they have flown the nest, I’d like to pay it forward and help our neighborhood association.

For information about the 2021 LNA Elections, visit the Elections page.
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