Solid cast and polished bronze plaque.  "Laurelhurst Century Home" with the year of your house.  Dimensions 10" x 2.5".  Can be mounted to house exterior.  Please include a note with the address and year of house.  For best pricing, we have plaques cast in batches.  Your plaque will be cast and delivered once we have a full order batch; please be patient.  Questions?  Ask by email.  More photos of plaque here.  After ordering, you can download a printable certificate for your plaque order here.

Laurelhurst Century Home Plaque

  • IMPORTANT!  Select the year your house was built (e.g. "1919").  That will be on your plaque.    

  • When we have received enough plaque orders for a casting batch, we will have the plaques cast by a local foundry, then contact you for delivery.  This may take some months.  Please be patient.